Jamel Attar

Dr. Jamel Attar was a devout Muslim before his conversion to Christ in 1985, three years after his arrival in France for university studies. After pursuing theological education for three years at the Pastoral Bible Institute in Algrange (France), where he developed a great love for biblical languages, he continued studies at the University of Caen in Ancient World Literature, preparing a doctorate on the theological poems of the fourth century church father, Gregory of Nazianzus. He defended his thesis and was awarded his doctorate, with highest honors, in 2005. He has written and published numerous articles for a university review. For the past ten years, Dr. Attar has pastored the Evangelical Baptist Church of Caen (France), while teaching French and Latin in a public school. He periodically lectures at the Pastoral Bible Institute in Algrange and is often invited as conference speaker in churches throughout France.

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