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Ruth Bartel

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"Reading was a favorite pastime growing up – by the time I was in the 4th grade I had read every book in our country-school library. That’s about the time I began writing stories of my own. Samples of stories from the age of 9 are still in my “treasure box.” By my teens I was writing poetry, enjoying the art of word-smithing to express ideas I was far too shy to say out loud. I enjoyed drama in high school, to bring make-believe characters to life.

"Music provided another passion for my life, though my music teacher didn’t really appreciate my ability to play a piece by ear far more readily than I could play it by note. It wasn’t until much later, however, that the poetry and music combined into writing songs – mostly for church seasonal choir programs.

"Finally, when much of my shyness had been overcome by God’s Spirit, my love for story-telling surfaced. My first book became a monstrosity before it was done – about 1300 pages, type-written, single-spaced. My dream, even now, is to break that story into a series one day. Until then, there are many other stories to tell of people who, just like you and me, are not perfect but are still greatly loved by Jesus Christ – and He wants to use such imperfect people to tell other imperfect people how they can become overcomers through His new life He offers to each of us."

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